History of AdamKelson.com

This page gives whatever history of my site that I can remeber.

I started my site somtime in the year 2000 right after my dad registerd his domain name www.cbkelson.com at that time I had the subdomain adam.cbkelson.com wich is when I started my site.

My page was first made in adobe golive. It took me about 3 months to get most of the pages made. At first the main theam of my site was model rocketry. I have recorded all my videos of rockets and put them on the site. There is also a games page links page pets page and some others.

The following are some important dates about my site

I got my domain in march of 2001.

My page underwent a major design change in july of 2001.

I was having problems with adobe golive so I learned some html and remade my home page manualy.

I learned a little php and wrote a few scripts including a temperature converter, a counter, a messageboard, and little script so that I can change the news on my site from any computer.

PHP started to get on my nerves so I learned some python and rewrote my messageboard in python on Janurary 3, 2002

I leared how to so some stuff in Javascript and put a scrolling text box on my site in january 2002.

Everything from this point down was added since Fubuary, 2002.

2-11-2002: User addable links page. My second CGI script written in python goes online.