Experimental Rocket car.

Last year when my cousine Kenny who lives in Michigan came out to Colorado He my freind Mike and I attempted to make a rocket powerd RC car. Basicly it was just a stripped down Nico RC car with a rocket engine duct taped to it and that we pulled the drive gears out of to eliminate friction from the motor. It was powerd by a C6-5 Estes rocket engine.

Here are videos of the two attempts.

First attempt. Quictime Movie 695k

Second attempt. Quicktime Movie 792k

Results: The rocket car imediately spun out of control on both attempts.

So what went wrong? After reveiwing the tape I have concluded that the reason that the car did not work was that the engine was pointed slightly down and it lifted the rear weels off the ground causing it to spin out of controll.

Sequence of images showing the rear weels come off the ground.

More Images of weels off ground.


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